CuddleLab: The cuddling event in Hamburg Altona!

You are invited to get in touch. First of all, with yourself: How are you right now, what do you need in this moment and what is developing when you are getting carefully, playfully and searchingly into contact with others and a group of people. You are invidet to nourishing, playful cuddling events. You are invited to research, to have fun, to connect, to fill up, to enjoy and to care for yourself.


Michaela will guide you lovingly through a program of playful exercises in a mindful space in which you are able to experience yourself and other like-minded, adult and self-responsible people. You are invited whether you are in relationship or single, homo-, hetero-, bisexual or unsettled, whether you are young or old, man or woman, cis or trans, welcome if you are facing any challenges, handicaps or whatever the political correct term might be for you… You are welcome!


The evenings basic structure of the CuddleLab:

19:00 – Initial round (for sundays we start at 18:00) we open 30 min before to arrive


1st phase: arriving with yourself through dance, meditation, body awareness, expression

2nd phase: Get in touch with individuals and the group through instructed exercises


3rd phase: touch, bodywork and more

4th phase: Free cuddling time with guidance


Final round - end 22:45 pm (sundays 21:45)


We stay dressed during the whole evening!


Attention, there is 2 different locations in the same street!!! 5 min from Bahnhof Altona!

Sundays Location:  Studio Freiraum, Hohenesch 68, Hamburg-OttensenFridays Location: Yogasmoves, Hohenesch 63 (backyard), Hamburg-Ottensen



Entrance fee: 25 euros, advance paying 22 euros,

Bring-a-friend save 5 Euro (only for first timer friends)

Cuddle card: pay 5, cuddle 6 - 110 Euro instead of 132 Euro

If you would like to come and fail to pay the above financial compensation due to your current

economic situation, please get in touch and make an offer!

Arrive a bit early, we open 30 min before the event starts.

Please pick up your booked unpayd tickets 15 min. before the event starts, afterwards they will be sold freely.

Bring a refill water bottle, we offer some tea.


Please register, as the number of participants is limited, even on the day of the event.

By mail to


What else? Come as you are.: fluffy, peaceful, cheerful, sad, discouraged, insecure, big, small, fat, thin ... come in comfortable clothes, pampered or casual, just as you feel comfortable. Please come freshly showered or deodorised, but do refrain from strong fragrances like shaving water and perfume.